Protect Boulder
Protect Boulder

We can't wait to help you really get to know your city council...  


In the coming days we will be launching an individual page for each council member. We are confident you will be as fascinated (or as disgusted) as we were to discover just how different your council member public policy positions are from how they live their lives. This is a world class collection of "do as I say, not as I do" progressives who have traded what's right for the city for what is right for them.  

Ancient Proverb: A fish rots from the head on down.
Meaning: When an organization fails it is the leadership that is the root cause. 


Boulder Mayor, Suzanne Jones

Q. Who is she?

a. Boulder's failing Mayor and twin-sister to Boulder County Commission's failing Chairwoman

b. Executive Director of EcoCycle, a money-losing recycling company propped up by taxpayers

c. An advocate for homeless encampments in Gunbarrel, but shameless co-owner of multiple market-rate rental properties in downtown

d. Hypocrite

e. All of the above

Q. Is she well paid? 

A. Let's just say, she must be making it somewhere! As a Council Member, she collects only $10,000/year...fortunately for her, she double dips as Executive Director of tax-payer subsidized "non-profit" EcoCycle!

Q. Is Council well run and efficient under her leadership as Mayor? 

A. Jones does not appear to have any understanding of how to conduct an efficient council meeting, study session or public hearing. Meetings are running longer than ever and yet rudimentary issues such as prairie dog management, ballot language and small-scale annexation efforts bridge multiple meetings and frustrated staff members are scrambling as never before to keep the wheels on and quiet the chaos. 

Q. How well has Suzanne Jones done leading EcoCycle? 

A. EcoCycle has taken down significant taxpayer subsidies and has still managed to amass more than $670,000 in losses over the past 4-years. The good news for Jones and EcoCycle is it collects +$3.5 Million/year in fees from Boulder County...good thing her twin sister and her dear personal pals Gardener and Dominico are there to keep the tap open! 

Q. What else do you need to know about Mayor Jones? 

A. Watch Suzanne introduce and go gaga over self-avowed Marxist and disgraced Obama administration green jobs czar, Van Jones, the keynote speaker at the 2011 Plan Boulder confab. If you listen to the presentation, you will discover the origins of Council's plan to save the world's climate from the evil consumers in Boulder...and so much more!  


 Mayor Suzanne Jones appears gleeful during August 2016 tour of proposed new City transient encampment in Gunbarrel. 

Mayor Suzanne Jones appears gleeful during August 2016 tour of proposed new City transient encampment in Gunbarrel. 

Check back soon!