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Hall of Shame

Dedicated to never forgetting the weekly award winning performances of our community leaders! 


Andrew Shoemaker - Aug 2016 

Date: August 15, 2016 at 7:25:51 AM MDT
To: <>
Subject: August 30 Study Session on Homelessness
Sender: Shoemaker, Andrew

Members of Council,
Based on the recent communications we have received from the public about the state of camping along the creek and around Boulder High School, I traveled the creek path between Eben G. Fine Park and Scott Carpenter Park this weekend.  I recommend that all Council members do so prior to our Study Session onAugust 30.
Andrew Shoemaker
Member, Boulder City Council  

Jan Burton - Aug 2016

Jan, after getting some negative attention, has finally agreed to recuse herself from future votes related to policies that would open the local market for the tiny homes marketed and sold by a company she co-founded. Jan's level of advocacy for tiny homes within Boulder government has already likely created great personal enrichment for her as the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan is well on the way to adopting zoning changes to allow building and renting tiny homes in what are currently single-family only neighborhoods. Her better late than never recusal earns her this week's Lead from Behind Award! 


Mary Young - Aug 2016

Mary advocated for and expended city money to explore a DNA database to track abandoned pet feces back to registered pet owners for the purposes of issuing fines. Despite this waste, Mary embraces transients' rights to defecate all over Boulder's central park, Eben G. Fine park (photo above) and the library. Our read is her approach stinks and is ass backwards. For both the pun-rich nature of her policy failure and her completely failed leadership, Mary Young is a Lead from Behind Award winner!