Protect Boulder
Protect Boulder

The city of Boulder, Colorado is being mismanaged into an unlivable city. Once a safe, welcoming and thriving community, Boulder is showing the signs of decay that come from a council more concerned with their own radical ideology and self-dealing than on policies that make the city safe and livable for its tax-paying residents. 

Protect Boulder is a grassroots citizen media effort led by local and highly committed residents who are tired of watching our investments in the community - and the safety of our families and children - sold down the river by a small elitist collection of insider, self-obsessed ideologues who operate outside the rules and who believe they are smarter, more well informed and deserving than those of us who pay their way. 

Our mission is to provide the investigative journalism that has been absent in Boulder. We will shine a bright and disinfecting light on a culture of power abuses, mismanagement failed leadership among the Boulder City Council and Boulder County Commissioners.

The entire community has a right to learn what has REALLY been going on behind the scenes, how our money is being squandered to advance pet projects, enrich special interests and to create a permissive environment that jeopardizes the health and safety of Boulder's residents.

Our elected policy makers need to be held to the same or higher standard as private sector leaders. If a corporate CEO oversaw such wide ranging and detrimental policy failures as this council or commission, they would do the honorable thing and resign...or they would be fired by the board. It's time for Boulder's voters to learn of the failures...and it is time for the council and commission to stop hiding behind an intentionally over complicated bureaucracy and own their failures. 

Boulder is being mismanaged to death!

Between the City Council and County Commissioners their mismanagement is jeopardizing a world class way of life. Public health and safety top a long list of victims of their self-dealing style of mismanagement and leadership by committee that is simply not grounded in reality. 

For generations, the "Boulder Bubble" and its eccentricity have been a component of what makes the area so desirable. Today however, our elected officials have exceeded the boundaries of what is merely eccentric - they are trying to transform Boulder into a third-world nation...and thus far, we have enabled them. There is no excuse or rationale for policies that serve only radical ideology that: 

1. Rolls out the welcome mat to dangerous transients

2.  Squanders +$15 million (so far) in an attempt to steal a $1b private utility

3. Fines residents $1,000 if they don't close their trash lid and let transients poop on the library lawn and camp in public with impunity

4. Taxes generations to buy open space, fences it off for prairie dog enjoyment and then flips it to development interests supporting their pet projects

5. To feed their insatiable desire for tax revenue is trying to force neighboring communities to become part of the City through forced annexation! 

These elected and appointed officials are our friends and neighbors, but they have failed. They are strangling the golden goose.  Working together, we're going to stop the insanity! 

Stay tuned... 


"The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves."


 Consumate insiders Suzanne Jones and disgraced former councilman Macon Cowles celebrate Jones' election victory at a Hotel Boulderado party.  Source: Daily Camera/Caivano

Consumate insiders Suzanne Jones and disgraced former councilman Macon Cowles celebrate Jones' election victory at a Hotel Boulderado party. Source: Daily Camera/Caivano